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Kathleen Hale

Kathleen Hale


Election Administration Program Director

Political Science

Kathleen Hale

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2227 Haley Center

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Kathleen Hale, PhD, is a professor of political science at Auburn University where she directs its Election Administration Initiative and Graduate Program in Election Administration. She teaches courses in election administration, qualitative methods, and intergovernmental relations, and her research examines how to improve capacity of government and nonprofit organizations to address public problems. Hale also directs Auburn’s partnership with The Election Center (National Association of Election Officials) to professionalize the public administration of elections through its national certification program.

Research Interests

election administration, intergovernmental relations


Books in Print

  • King, Bridgett and Kathleen Hale (Eds.). 2016. Why Don't Americans Vote? Causes and Consequences. Denver, CO: ABC-CLIO.
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  • Hensley, Thomas R., with Kathleen Hale and Carl Snook. 2006. The Rehnquist Court: Justices, Rulings and Legacy, Denver, CO: ABC-CLIO.

Refereed Journal Articles

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