School of Communication & Journalism

Cascade Hills Church

Agency or Organization Name: Cascade Hills Church


On-the-Job Supervisor: Joel Warder


Title: Producer




Telephone: 706-327-5743


Physical Address: 727 54th Street Columbus, GA 31904


Cascade Hills Church is located in Columbus, GA and is home to a media ministry that reaches around the world. The media team creates television programming, online and social media content, videos to support the services, and captures all weekend services and events.


Interns will assist in the production of media for the church. Some duties will be assisting on shoots, helping edit projects, caring for equipment, archiving footage, and capturing the weekend services. The intern will have the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and will be assigned tasks based upon their ability level.

Interns should have a basic understanding of camera operation and shot composition as well as basic editing abilities. It will be these skills that are primarily used and developed further over the course of their internship. 


Will the intern be compensated? Yes 


Contact Information

Ric Smith

Prof. Ric Smith

School of Communication & Journalism
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Last Updated: July 28, 2020