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Yanyi Chen: Jiang Su Television

MDIA Major Yanyi Chen Interned at Jiang Su Telvision

I interned with Jiang Su Television in China as an assistant director for a variety show. I worked closely with the director throughout the production process, including pitching original ideas, writing show scripts, creating rundowns, assisting with live production, shooting on location, and negotiating with clients and hosts. I also contacted various crew departments including light, sound, costume, and actors. In addition, I oversaw and facilitated production elements, including graphics, music, and all other related presentation elements at the show director’s request.

I actively participated in each phase of show production, from pre-production to post-production. I started with assisting with the live production to be familiar with the process, and then I got more and more opportunities to write the script independently and to conduct the show recording too. I would suggest to be always prepared. More specifically, to observe carefully how other people work and learn from them. When the chance comes, you need to make sure you are ready for the job. 

The most important lesson I learned was the importance of the cooperation. A show’s success requires the cooperation of multiple departments such as the client, the guests, the audience, the prop set, the costume & makeup group, scenic designers, host and so on. If any of them didn’t work well, the show would be a failure. Also, I’ve learned to be professional in the work and not overthink it. It was stressful to work with those experienced colleagues when I thought of myself as "just" a student--how could I gave them my suggestions? But I realized everyone was unique and I should speak up about my ideas bravely and try to be open and learn from them. I’ve learned a lot of incredible skills from them.

I would suggest stop being afraid of mistakes. Learn from mistakes and stop overthinking. Stay connected after the internship ends. The truth is that sometimes getting an interview or a job is about who you know and what your former employer has to say about you, so keep in touch with them.










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