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Molly Vines: Tractor Supply

MDIA major Molly Vines interned with Tractor Supply Company in the Nashville suburb of Brentwood:

I was a media production intern at Tractor Supply Company in Nashville, Tennessee. The media team treated me like a respected employee and I remember walking in the first day and already having a camera in my hands. Being apart of the media team was a wonderful experience as I worked closely with three other guys to produce video, create graphics, and take pictures for Tractor Supply. TSC is constantly growing with nearly 100 stores added each year and the need for media is only growing. I saw this opportunity and wanted a change of scenery, so Nashville seemed fitting. We produced training videos for the stores, in-house video for corporate, and social media entertainment pieces. We were also taking various pictures and creating graphics for the company.

I found this internship through I began looking for an internship for the summer semester over my winter break where I applied to more than 15 internships. I knew that I wanted back-ups and I encourage others to also apply for multiple internships and to apply months in advance. Employers also seemed to enjoy that I had a website that showcased all of my work and my background. It takes some time to create one but I advise others to do the same. When Tractor Supply reached out to me, I was a little hesitant because I had fixated on one particular internship that hadn’t reached out to me yet. Choosing TSC was the best decision I had ever made. Ric Smith also helped me through the thought process - talk to your mentors.

One of the biggest things that I learned was that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew. Through the jobs and the classes that I held at Auburn, I felt well prepared moving to another state and working on a media team. When I got to Tractor Supply I realized that I only knew the basics of each software and of the equipment. I truly gained that hands-on experience that I needed to grow as a person and to further my knowledge. I encourage others to look for an internship where you will learn and where you will be hands-on over the internships that look “cool”. I also learned how much I miss my parents, haha!

The best advice that I have is to not fixate on trying to get hired full time. Many people will walk into an internship, waiting for the moment that they are asked to come back full-time. This may not happen, and therefore you wasted a lot of energy when you could have been focused on what you can learn during your time as an intern. I advise you to set goals. Personally, I knew that I wanted to learn Adobe After Effects by the end of the summer and because I set that goal, I knew how to use it by the end of the first week. Try to utilize goals to push you further and use the people around you to teach you and become your mentors. Remember to stay humble throughout your internship. You may not be as smart as you think you are.

Seek new adventures. This is the only time in your life where you can pack up and move away for an entire semester to work with a company of your dreams.



















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