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Kimberly Sandy: CBS Radio Atlanta

MDIA major Kimberly Sandy interned with CBS Radio in Atlanta.

I did a Broadcast internship with CBS Radio in Atlanta, Ga. They split the internship up into four departments which included promotions, programming, sales, and digital. Of course I loved promotions because I want to be a show host one day. For a couple shows for the entertainment news I got to research topics and choose which ones interested me the most. They also helped me create a radio reel for news and entertainment. They always held events and I always had fun and met so many people and made great connections. And of course the perks were that I'd always get mentioned on air so my friends and family who were listening would lose their minds and I of course felt like a star for a split second.

The most important thing I learned from this internship was basically whether I truly wanted to go further in this industry or not. Basically whether or not this path was for me and could I handle it and enjoy every aspect and it really helped me understand what I truly aspire to do and steps to take to make it there. Everyone there was so helpful and willing to answer everything as well as put me on with multiple contacts. Anytime we ever had an event there wasn't one time I wasn't out there doing something or meeting people or learning something new. There were times where I felt I could've gotten more out of the experience but I spoke up about it and they adjusted for my benefit so don't be afraid to speak up.

Ask as many questions as possible and take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of you. You honestly never know who you may come across and a lot of times after an internship they are always observing and may offer you a job. I'd say do something you truly enjoy and be picky on your internships if you have that option because you want the best experience.






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