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Julia Simon: FOX News New York


Julia Simon (COMM) interned with FOX News Channel in NYC.

For my internship, I worked on the Digital Video Operations team at Fox News Channel in New York City, New York. Basically for every original content online video segment I was in the control room working audio levels, on the studio floor operating cameras, or assisting with general studio operations. 

 I had a contact going into the internship at Fox News, so I utilized her as a source as much as I could, getting other people's names and contacting them about internship opportunities - basically spreading my name around the company as much as I possibly could. I would ask for advice on applying, what kinds of internships were available, and what they liked most about working for Fox News. I'd say when you're looking around for internships, find any sort of contact you can. Find a company you want to work for, ask around in your friends, professors, neighbors - anyone - to see if they know someone who works there. Get their contact information and build a connection with them. Get your name out there, so when it comes time to apply, it'll look familiar. Don't be shy with this either; it can feel sort of awkward contacting someone you don't know, but rest assured this proactivity and drive will make you a more desirable candidate in their eyes.  

I learned so much in my internship. From how to communicate professionally to how to properly operate a news camera, I was constantly absorbing as much knowledge as I possibly could. I learned how to work on a team and how to deal with discrepancies in the professional workplace. Simply being in a professional news environment exposed me to a typical corporate environment, and that will serve to make my transition into a future job a bit smoother. 

During the internship experience, CONSTANTLY ask how you can help. Even if you are about to leave the office for the day, ask if there is anything else you can help with or observe. This will demonstrate a desire to learn and show that you are an integral part of your department. If there is something you don't understand, ask. Be inquisitive. If there is something that interests you in another department, ask your internship supervisor if you can sit in with someone in that department for the day. The more knowledge and experience you gain (in any department), the better. 

As you go through the internship application process, you'll hear 'no' and often times won't get your first choice. Don't let this deter you from applying again or applying to another internship. The more experience you have with applying, the easier it will come to you in the future. Good luck!






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