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Jada Walker: truTV

PRCM Major Jada Walker at truTV in NYC

I am interning at truTV's office in NYC. I am apart of the digital and social team. My job includes running various social media accounts such as The Carbonaro Effect and some of At Home with Amy Sedaris. I also work on copywriting, scheduling, and coming of with new social media tactics for the team to look into.

I found this internship through the T. Howard Foundation, which is an organization that focuses on having diversity in the media industry. I advise all other minorities to check them out when searching for an internship opportunity! They're amazing.

Inside the office I've learned more technical skills, how to speak my mind and give my opinion, as well as how to not be afraid to be creative! Outside the office I've learned more about being in the moment and just enjoying every second of every day! 

During you internship experience, make sure you talk to your supervisors about the goals you want to get out of the internship, check out other departments and see if anything they do interest you at all, and NETWORK! Inside and outside the office. Also make connections with your fellow interns because you never know where they might end up.







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