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Jack Winchester: MELT

COMM Major Jack Winchester at MELT in ATL

My internship was with MELT, a sports marketing and entertainment agency in Atlanta. This is my second summer with the company, and this summer I served as an intern coordinator. As a coordinator, I assist 33 interns from 22 universities across the country. Interns explore the various facets of the sports marketing industry. Interns also explore all areas of MELT's in-house services such as Experiential Marketing Account Teams, Digital & Social Media, Creative, Production, Multimedia Development.

The reason I am back at MELT for a second summer, and got this internship in the first place, is because I asked for the opportunity. If you show that you are a hard worker, and eager to learn, people are much more likely to give you an opportunity. I advise students to reach out to contacts that they may have, and ask for opportunities. The worst thing people can say is no. 

The most important thing I have learned throughout the internship is how to work with clients effectively. I have always had decent people skills, but this internship has really propelled those skills to the next level. This summer I have been able to assist with developing marketing techniques for Coca-Cola, POWERADE, Sprite, College Game Day, Holiday Inn Express, GILDAN, Hangout Music Festival, Georgia Lottery and Core Power.

I advise students to make the most of their time. For me, making the most of my time means working hard and being eager to learn. I believe that those two things set people a part from a group. I also suggest that interns maintain relationships with people that they come across throughout their internship. Building a network is extremely important, and it can become pivotal down the road when looking for a job. 










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