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Hudson Liverance: CONAN

MDIA major Hudson Liverance completed a post grad experience with Conan O'Brien:

I had the opportunity to intern at CONAN on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, CA. As a talent intern, I was responsible for ensuring the guests of the show had the best experience possible. I prepared the green rooms, set out food, welcomed the guests, and tended to their every need. It was a great experience that allowed me to meet a lot of great people.

I found out about this internship on the CONAN website. They asked for a resume and cover letter. About a month later, I received an email from the office coordinator saying he wanted to set up a phone interview. The interview was short and direct. The next week, I received another email saying that I had been selected. When I got the news, the office coordinator told me that he picked me because he appreciated my attitude and enthusiasm toward the internship.

The most important thing I learned through this internship is that the next opportunity can come from anywhere. One of the most helpful people I met at CONAN was the head of security. He asked me all about what I wanted to do in my career and made it his goal to help me get there. He introduced me to different people and kept his eyes open for any positions that I might want.

My best piece of advice for anyone looking for a similar position is to have a good attitude. I applied to a lot of positions before I got this one. Throughout the application process, I tried to stress that I was ready and willing to do anything. This is a big part of what got me the job. A good attitude also led to some cool opportunities at work. I got to try on costumes for the show, take home old props, and stand in for Conan on the stage. People appreciated my willingness to help. I think most employers would take attitude over talent any day. Also, if you manage to get a job at Warner Bros., you will occasionally run into Clint Eastwood and/or Steven Spielberg.






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