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Eli Hiskey: Titans Radio

COMM Major Eli Hiskey Conducting the Interview for Titans Radio

This summer, I worked for Titans Radio in Nashville, Tennessee. A lot of the work we did was to prepare for the upcoming season. The other intern and I were tasked with creating stories and writing scripts that our producer will use during the broadcasts throughout the season, whether it be 5 minute feature stories on players, or long form stories on aspects of the game such as rule changes. To prepare these stories, we spend a lot of our time in the studio doing research and writing. We would also attend all the Titans practices to take notes and interview players and coaches to get quotes for the stories. When we weren't writing scripts, we were able to write various blogs for the Titans Radio website. The whole thing was a great experience, and I was really able to see my work improve as the summer went on. I was able to get this internship through my old high school broadcasting teacher. My advice to you is to keep in touch with your teachers... they're their to help you. Whether it be college or high school, having a good relationship with your professors can be extremely beneficial down the road.

Another duty of mine was running social media. I was able to come up with a few social media projects that I took control of as the summer went on, and that was a fun part of the job. If you're working with a sports team or in the sports world just know this: fans want content. Whatever it may be, any taste of sports during the off season is going to generate attention. For example, I did a bracket of the Titans top moments in history that fans voted on throughout the summer, and they ate that up. Get creative, and people will appreciate your efforts.

I would say the most valuable skill I took away from this internship was how to find the right story. Anyone can find the low-hanging apples, but if you put in the work and do your research, you may find some fruits at the top of the tree that no one else noticed. Getting the story no one else is telling is a great feeling, and it's not easy. But all that hard work put in is worth the payoff when you've finally crafted your piece and are able to click that publish button.

I was also able to develop my interview skills. The quality of my first and last interviews of the summer are night and day. I learned a little bit more each time, and it's still a work in progress, but it's promising to be able to track your own improvement. That's another piece of advice I have, is always try to get better. I go back and listen to all my interviews, and transcribe them so I can see on paper where I can get better. 

My final piece of advice is to take full advantage of every opportunity your internship opens up. Put in the extra work, because it will pay off in the long run. If you're going to do something, do it all the way. It would be easy to coast through, but don't. Put in the extra work, go the extra mile, and have fun with it. This has been a fun opportunity, and it's one I'll appreciate for years to come.

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