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Bryce Johnson: Turner Sports


Bryce Johnson (JRNL) Interned with Turner Sports

Over the summer I interned for the Talent Services division of Turner Sports in Atlanta. This means I got to be the liaison for any on-air talent like Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and others. I was the first face that anyone saw for events such as Eleague, NBA Finals coverage and Free Agency. I also was able to work on the NBA awards show and help to put together the whole production.

There's not much preparation you could put in before you arrive since the primary goal is learning. Be open to that and be adaptable. The stuff that you'll be responsible for won't be taught in classrooms but mostly you're here for your enthusiasm. Everyone wants your input, so dip your toe into all you can. 

I learned to just speak to everyone. So many people want to see you be successful, so when you think you're just being annoying and don't want to bother people they actually are hoping you reach out to them .

Just know that the internship is more about how you'd work out at this company rather than you performing specific tasks for them. They know you're not here permanently so exclusively just focusing on the tasks in front of you is short sighted.  Make connections and show them why you should stay longer. 







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