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Anna Britt: Zero Gravity Management

MDIV Major Anna Britt Interned with Zero Gravity Management in LA

I interned at Zero Gravity Management in Los Angeles. It’s a literary and talent management company, so we deal with managing actors and scripts. Starting out, I did receptionist work like routing calls and greeting guests/clients, general office duties, research, and (lots of) script coverage. About a month into my internship, I was promoted to being the personal intern to one of the managers, which was sort of like an assistant role. I created and maintained spreadsheets for pilot season and worked on special projects.

I got this internship by emailing Zero Gravity directly after seeing an internship posting on Anonymous Production Assistant. While internship hunting, APA and the UTA job list (found on APA’s website) will be your best friend. Every week they post new internship openings from all different film companies in LA and New York. My advice is to check it and apply to places every week starting mid October, and if you don’t hear back from anyone, just keep applying. I didn’t get my internship offer until the week of Thanksgiving, and even after that I was still getting calls from other companies. Also, make sure you have a well-formatted resume. Apply to as many places as you can and FOLLOW UP. I cannot stress the importance of following up enough.

The most important thing I learned is that it is crucial to make connections and network. Make friends with the other interns; one of them might invite you to help out with their USC short film. Work hard and be the first one to jump up when a manager or assistant asks, “Can someone do _____?” When one of the managers asked if an intern could grab him coffee from the Starbucks down the street, I was the first one to say “yes!” Because of that, he invited me into his office and asked what my goals were. I told him that I was interested in trying production, and a week later he connected me with one of his friends at a production company in Culver City. Now I have a full time job as a Production Assistant straight out of my internship.

Be super friendly and hard working. If the office gets to know you and like you, they will want to help you find your way in the industry. Be the first one to offer to go on that coffee run or pick up the mail. When you’re an intern, no task is too menial, and hard work and personality will make you memorable.

Also, go above and beyond what is required. I was told that two days a week was the requirement, so I interned for three. Because I was the only intern who chose to work three days a week instead of just two and they liked my work, I was chosen to be the personal intern to one of the managers.

If you get an internship in Los Angeles, definitely do your research about traffic/parking laws beforehand. I got to LA and in less than 24 hours had my first parking ticket (for $73!). Who knew street cleaning was a thing? Also, learn how to parallel park and expect to pay a lot for parking.






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