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Becoming the Beloved Community is a student and faculty digital space where CMJN students have the opportunity to explore, research, and write stories about the intersectionality of race, racism, religion, and politics in the Deep South and the United States.

Becoming the Beloved Community also offers year-long programming in person and virtually. Local citizens and people from across the United States engage in conversations about racism, injustices and the need for inequality, inclusion and diversity in society. These intentional dialogues about the real-lived experiences of marginalized people and communities create a safe and brave space for relationship building. Members of the community participate in book clubs and gatherings to critically work towards literally Becoming the Beloved Community.

Watch Becoming the Beloved Community in the Midst of Racism, Inequality and COVID-19.

JRNL 4970: Beyond the Divide


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This course taught by Associate Professor Nan Fairley explored race, gender, class and other divisions and how those divides affect news coverage of everything from elections to social justice issues. Students developed projects intended to bridge divides at Auburn University and beyond.  Examples of work produced by students in the class include the following:

  • Ann Leonard

    This project focused on the AU Braveheart Center for Place and Purpose as a bridge that helps overcome the divide between the community and people with disabilities.

  • Kelsey Massey

    Korean Infusion is all about educating others on Korean culture in the hopes of bridging a cultural divide at Auburn University.

  • Hector Rios-Morales

    This project explored the Muslim community in Auburn and provided resources to build understanding.



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