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Intercultural Minor Course Listings

(18 hours) 9.17.18

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NOTE: The following list of courses is subject to change. You should check with your advisor for the most recent list of required and group courses.

Required Classes (6 hours):

CMJN 2100/2103 Intro to COMM & Journalism
COMM 3450/3453 Intercultural Communication

Group 1 Classes (Choose 2; 6 hours)

COMM 3970/3973 Special Topics in Communication
COMM 4100/4103 Communication in Social Movements
COMM 4970/4973 Special Topics in Communication
CMJN 4430/4433 Sports, Media & Society
CMJN 4400/4403 Gender Communication
CMJN 5100 CMJN Abroad
CMJN 4970/4973 Special Topics in COMM & Journalism
JRNL 3103 Global Journalism & Media Systems
MDIA 4240 Women and Mass Media
MDIA 4280 Diversity Issues in Mass Media
MDIA 4370 Media and Religion
PRCM 3080 International Public Relations

Group 2 Classes (Choose 2; 6 hours)

AFRI 2000 Introduction To Africana Studies
ANTH 3310 Race&Racism: Biocultural Hist of Human Variation
CCEN 2100 Women and Leadership
HDFS 2000 Marriage & Family in a Global Context
HDFS 4680 Family in CrossCultural Perspective
HDFS 4700 Gender Roles & Close Relationships
HIST 3020 History of Women in the United States
HIST 3040 American Religious History
HIST 3080 The Civil Rights Movement
HIST 3600 Issues in Women's and Gender History
POLI 3120 Introduction To Comparative Politics
POLI 3520 Comparative Politics Of The Middle East
POLI 3550 Government And Politics Of Latin America
POLI 3560 The Arab Spring
POLI 3610 Asian Politics
POLI 5610 Women in Politics
POLI 5620 African American Politics
SOCY 3500 Minority Groups
SOCY 5670 Sociology of Gender
WMST 2100 Introduction to Women's Studies
WMST 4980 Feminist Theory

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