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Milene Ortega

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Dr. Milene Ortega (Ph.D., Georgia State University, 2018) is an Instructor in the School of Communication and Journalism at Auburn University. She is a rhetorical theorist and critic. Her research investigates political communication focusing on presidential rhetoric, civic engagement, rhetoric of dissent, affect, conflict, and incivility. More specifically, her academic interests are situated in the intersection of governmental discourses and discourses of resistance, taking into consideration the role of affect in civic engagement. Her past research investigated the impact of the rhetorical presidency paradigm in defining contemporary epideictic genre, presidential responses to confrontation, the role of language variety in Brazilian presidential campaigns, incivility in presidential debates, as well as affective rhetorics that resist presidential discourse. Her current book project examines presidential responses to hecklers as opportunities to accessing the “affective presidency.”


  • Ph.D., Georgia State University, Communication, emphasis in Rhetoric & Politics.
  • M.A., University of Nevada Las Vegas, Communication Studies
  • M.B.A., Escola Superior de Administração, Marketing e Comunicação, Human Resources Management
  • B.A., State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Linguistics

Classes Taught

  • COMM 1000             Public Speaking
  • CMJN   2100/2103   Concepts in Communication and Journalism
  • COMM  2400            Communication in Organizations
  • COMM  3500/3503   Foundations of Human Communication
  • COMM  3610            Research in Rhetoric and Social Influence
  • COMM  3700/3703   Argumentation

Last Updated: October 30, 2018