Panopto --Some Facts and Reminders

Panopto --Some Facts and Reminders

Panopto is the Auburn University licensed and supported platform for Lecture and Content capture.

  • No additional costs to you to capture and publish.
  • Integrated with AU’s user account and security systems.
  • Easily integrated with Canvas, AU’s supported LMS.
  • Can live stream events to private or public groups.


Panopto can capture any computer content that can be shown on any computer that has a webcam, whether it is online or offline.

  • Capture full lectures from a classroom. These can be automatically scheduled or manually recorded. Once and done.
  • Capture short procedures or modules that are asked for repeatedly. Once and done.
  • Capture content from the field or on the road where you may not have internet access, e.g.  at an airport, hotel, farm site. It will upload and post when you get back to an internet connection.

Panopto has “Smart Search” which indexes and timestamps all captured information.

  • PowerPoint slide search.
  • Search every word that appears onscreen.
  • OCR (optical character recognition) captures handwritten words on whiteboard if you have separate camera dedicated to the board. Funchess 247 is an example.

Panopto can import and use video from other devices such as cameras, phones, Google Glass, UAVs.

  • Post labs, field work, experiments, etc. with as high or low production value as you need.


Panopto fulfills AU’s Academic Contingency Policies:


Panopto has expanded features that support ADA Section 508 Accessibility Standards.


Use of Panopto is voluntary, but it is a tool that you should consider incorporating into your courses. If your course is scheduled to be captured with Panopto, you simply walk in and lecture as you normally do. You and your students benefit from having that material available for review, contingency, and instruction

(text thanks to Rusty Presley from ACES-AG)


One more pointer for the Panopto integration with Canvas:

Panopto also integrates seamlessly into Canvas for a single sign-on experience for you and your students.  Simply drag the Panopto menu item into the active Navigation Menu and make sure to access Panopto at least once via that link.  Afterwards, you and your students can access recordings in Panopto via direct links posted inside of Canvas without having to log in again.  Students must click the Panopto link in your Canvas course and launch Panopto in a new window at least once to activate the single sign-on before they can use direct links to recordings.

Content release date: Friday, August 29, 2014