New Features in Canvas 8/18/2012

New Features in Canvas 8/18/2012

Changes in the Gradebook, Profile page, Collaborations are coming on August 18.

  1. Changes in Gradebook:  You may have noticed that for a while you could switch to the new Gradebook view -- well, now Canvas is almost done with upgrades to this tool, so now the default is the new Gradebook view -- but you can still go back to the old view if you have students who need this view for greater accessibility.  While the new view does not have all features of the old view yet, Canvas is getting all these issues resolved right now.  Note also that when you now grade a group member, that grade will get automatically populated to the other group members.
  2. Changes in the Profile Page:  You can now add more information about yourself in the Profile page -- instructors can provide more information about themselves (students very much appreciate this kind of information), and for distance education courses, this gives students more opportunities to share information and form a better learning community.  When your name appears as a link, this link will take you to the profile page. If this feature is not working for you right now, please contact the IMG at 844-5181.
  3. Collaboration in Groups:  If you have groups in and outside of classes, these will also now be able to use the Collaboration tools Etherpad and Google Docs.
  4. Editing HTML files:  If you uploaded html files into Canvas, you can now edit them in the RTF editor that becomes available when you view the file through Files (that is the File Manager).
  5. Downloading Quiz statistics:  when you now download quiz statistics, you also get the SIS ID, Section name and other information about the course.

For more information and details about these upgrades go to


Content release date: Friday, August 10, 2012