New Features in Canvas 3/17/12

New Features in Canvas 3/17/12
  • If you need to add rich text content to your multiple choice or multiple answer question types, you can now do this -- click on the edit icon.  I am assuming that this functionality will slowly get expanded to other question types.
  • Now you can not only see how many total discussion posts you have but also how many unread ones you have since your last visit to discussions.
  • When you record audio or video, you can now drag the recording window to the side so that you can see the content behind it -- this is useful for audio quizzes in FLL, for example.
  • If you have had issues with recording letter grades, try again -- multiple fixes have been put in place

For more new features, fixes and details, go to

As reminder, you can add feature requests yourself -- and now, if you want others to know about them, we have a facebook group where you can post these requests so that others can vote on them.


Content release date: Saturday, March 17, 2012