CLA Web Calendar: Adding Events to your Calendar

CLA Web Calendar: Adding Events to your Calendar

If you want to add CLA events more easily to your personal calendar, now you can.

Choose an event from any CLA or departmental home page or from the Events Calendar.  When you are on a particular event page, you will see a button:   Add to Calendar.

Notice the different choices that it reveals:

For Mac and iOS devices, choose Apple iCalendar.  On a Mac, the item is downloaded, and when opened, added to your Mac calendar (ical); on an iOS device, the selected item opens, and you choose which calendar you want to add this to.

For folks with Google calendar:  if you choose this option in a browser that remembers your Google account, the event will open in such a way that you can save it straight to your Google Calendar

For Outlook users: if you are logged into your Outlook account, Choose Outlook Calendar -- you will be asked to download the calendar item -- when asked to Open it, the event will open as an appointment in Outlook, and you can save it straight to your Outlook Calendar. will not work for you as an option unless you have a personal Office365 account.

For Yahoo users:  please choose this option to add an event to your Yahoo calendar.

Content release date: Monday, April 13, 2015