Philosophy and Religion

Minor in Philosophy and Religion

A minor in religious studies requires 18 semester hours in philosophy and religion (15 in addition to the University Core Curriculum)

Courses required:

  • PHIL 1010 Introduction to Logic
  • RELG 1010 Introduction to Religious Studies

Elective Courses:

  • Additional 9 hours RELG coursework at 3000 level or above.
  • See adviser for approved course listing.

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Philosophy and Religion Program Website

Minor in Philosophy in AU Bulletin

Philosophy and Religion Minor 15 semester hours required in minor PHIL 1080Introduction to Philosophy of Religion3 or PHIL 3300 Philosophy of Religion 12 additional hours from:12 Peoples and Cultures of Asia The Bible for Students of Literature Chaucer American Religious History History of Islam Introduction to Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Religion History of Early Modern Philosophy Medieval Philosophy Epistemology Metaphysics Existentialism Religion and Politics The Arab Spring
RELG (any course)
Any course approved by the Philosophy Department Chair. Examples of acceptable courses: Religion and Gender (Women’s Studies), Islam and Politics (Political Science), Early Islamic History (History), and Religion and British Literature (English)
Total Hours15 ]]>

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Last Updated: August 03, 2016