Energy Module

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Module 1

  1. Session 1
    1. What was the first tropical cyclone in the South Atlantic and when did it occur?
    2. True or False: Climate change can change circulation in oceans that can lead to extreme weather events.
    3. Name two of the four climate changes talked about in session 1.
  2. Session 2
    1. At what rate has global mean temperature increased in the last 100 years?
    2. Is the temperature increase greater at more northern latitudes or more southern latitudes?
    3. Name two regions where global mean precipitation has increased?
  3. Session 3
    1. Define climate variability.
    2. Define climate change.
  4. Session 4
    1. What are the three different categories of natural disaster?
    2. Give one example of each type of natural disaster.
    3. What are the three most common types of climate-related disasters?
    4. Name two of the four socio-economic factors mentioned that can impact natural disasters.
  5. Session 5
    1. What is the range of probable temperature increase for the next 100 years?
    2. In what regions is surface warming the highest?
    3. In what regions will precipitation decrease?
  6. Session 6
    1. In warm environments, more hot days will likely increase or decrease crop yields?
    2. In 2003 which continent had a devastating heat wave?
    3. Name three of the five negative consequences of drought.
    4. What areas will be most affected by rising sea levels?
  7. Session 7
    1. By how much have global greenhouse gas emissions risen between 1970 and 2004 because of human activities?
    2. From where does most of the human produced CO2 come?
    3. What sector is both affected by and affects climate change

Module 2

  1. Session 1
    1. How many major disasters has Bangladesh suffered since 1971?
    2. How much food grain was lost due to cyclone Sidr?
    3. Why have some people of Mauritania given up nomadism?
    4. Other than climate change, what are the two reasons water is becoming scarce in Mauritania?
    5. What will happen to pastures and livestock in temperate areas if temperatures increase 2-3 degrees C?
  2. Session 2
    1. Which people are particularly affected by climate change?
    2. What are the four dimensions of food security?
    3. Climate change has already impacted what aspects of life?
  3. Session 3
    1. What does climate adaptation aim to do?
    2. What are the advantages of rice terraces in the Philippines?
    3. What are two short and long-term options for adaptation at the farming level?
  4. Session 4
    1. What are two of the four examples of adaptation options mentioned for sanitation in South-West Bangladesh?
    2. What is the Bereg Region?
    3. True or False: For glacial lake outburst floods, adaptations at the farm and community level are sufficient.
    4. What are three of the five databases mentioned and to what does each pertain?
  5. Session 5
    1. What are three ways to reduce emissions of methane and nitrous oxide?
    2. What are the benefits of direct seeding?

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Last Updated: August 04, 2014