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LBAR 2010/4010

LBAR 2010/2013 LIBERAL ARTS CAREERS PREPARATION (2) LEC. 2. This course helps Liberal Arts majors identify their strengths and talents as liberal arts students, seek appropriate educational and extracurricular experiences, and plan for a successful transition from college to career. Students may take either LBAR 2010 or LBAR 2013.

LBAR 4010/4013 LIBERAL ARTS CAREER PLANNING (1) PR1. 1. SU. Pr. LBAR 2010. This course aids Liberal Arts students in obtaining positions consistent with their career goals. It is a hybrid course with class meetings, career coach meetings, online lessons, career-related assignments, and experiential learning events. Students must be a junior or senior in the College of Liberal Arts.

When should I take LBAR 2010?

The course is designed to give you time to develop your academic and extra-curricular profiles before graduation. You should plan to take the course during your sophomore year.

Who should take LBAR 2010?

All students in the College of Liberal Arts may take this course. It is required for most majors. Consult your advisor if you have questions about whether the course applies to you and when you should take it.

What section of LBAR 2010 should I take?

You can get credit for any section of LBAR 2010. You'll typically take the course with others who have the same or a similar major as you.