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Langdon Hall

Built in 1846 for the Auburn Female College, this historic building was originally located on the corner of Gay and Magnolia (currently Auburn Bank). It is the oldest building in the city and was the political center of the region.

The Lathe

The Lathe was constructed in Selma Alabama where it bore out seven-inch Brook rifles during the Civil War.

Old Main (Samford Hall)

Built in 1888, Samford Hall was actually constructed on the foundation of “Old Main”—the original classroom building of the East Alabama Male College in 1859. 

The Chapel

Built in 1851 as Auburn Presbyterian Church, the brick work in this building was constructed by slaves. Used as a hospital during the Civil War, the church was remolded into a Gothic style by Episcopalians around 1900. According to legend, the chapel is haunted by the ghost of Sydney Grimlett, a British soldier fighting for the Confederates who was injured by cannon fire and died during surgery in the chapel hospital.

Pine Hill Cemetery

Build in 1837, Pine Hill Cemetery contains over 1100 graves, but only one African-American grave is marked. Most of Auburn's founders are buried here. Pine Hill Cemetery is currently maintained by the Auburn Heritage Association.

James Henry Lane

Last Updated: November 01, 2016