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In the Department of Art it is our commitment to provide excellent educational opportunities for our students. Your contributions to the Department of Art are essential to the fulfillment of our mission and goals.

Through the generosity of our alumni and friends, we are able to provide critical support to our students. This support enables us to enhance our programs, offer our students learning opportunities beyond the classroom, and improve our facilities.

Our success would not be possible without friends like you who support our efforts with your generous contributions.

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Quotes from our students:

The Dean's Purchase Award encouraged me to further explore mediums outside of my comfort zone and gave me a stronger sense of community within the University."

Rebecca Campomanes

My Award of Merit, showed me that the community supports my mission to be active in the arts, and cheers me on."

Kathryn Beck

Receiving the Ritz Foundation Annual Scholarship allowed me to spend more time in my art studio and less time working to pay for art supplies."

Emily Quinn

I think the most valuable thing about the department's scholarship is that they are determined by a group of faculty mentors. Rather than an award for being a statistically good student, we get a meaningful nod from professionals we respect."

Andrew Holliday, Dean's Club Most Promising Student in the Arts Scholarship

There were many ways in which I was supported by the College of Liberal Arts and Art Department during my undergraduate studies at Auburn. Particularly, the privilege of studying under a talented faculty who encouraged, inspired, and helped me develop personally as well as artistically. I felt incredibly honored to be awarded a Scholarship and I am very grateful for the donors who made my enriching, educational experience at Auburn possible."

Anna Leah Lucy

It was a great honor to be recognized for my hard work, and it really helped me financially. I was able to purchase more art history books and to travel to see an important exhibition at the High Museum--things I might not have been able to do without the Student Achievement Award in Art History (2011)."

Stephanie Kime

Receiving the Ritz Foundation Scholarship during my senior year and the Trustees scholarships both had an incredible effect on what I was able to produce as an artist. It allowed me to be more creatively ambitious with my projects, feeling that I not only had the moral support of faculty in my creative endeavors, but financial support as well. Materials as a painter can be expensive, so one can't underestimate how empowering it can be to be only limited by your own ambition, not one's ability to afford supplies. It is hard to imagine that I would have been able to produce nearly as much work during my latter years at Auburn without the Ritz Foundation Scholarship. It was great motivation, working hard to get it, and likewise working hard because I earned it. The Purchaser Awards and the Merit Awards in Art were also great motivators to constantly put out your best work, and to feel that your creative efforts are being appreciated."

Brandon Dean

Last Updated: November 22, 2016