Interdisciplinary Studies (IDSC)

Faculty Advisory Board

Julia Wiard, Chair
Interim Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Agriculture
Dr. Donald Mulvaney
Department of Animal Sciences

College of Architecture, Design and Construction
Dr. Jerrod Windham
Department of Industrial Design

College of Business
Dr. Justin Benefield
Department of Finance

College of Education
Dr. Mary Rudisill
Director, School of Kinesiology

College of Engineering
Dr. Jeffrey Smith
Joe W. Forehand, Jr. Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Dr. Thomas Gallagher
Professor, Forest Engineering

College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Sunny Stalter-Pace
Department of English

College of Human Sciences
Ms. Nicole Gaillard
Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality

College of Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Tony Moss
Associate Professor & Marine Program Coordinator
Department of Biological Sciences

Last Updated: May 09, 2018