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Dan Giblin

Dan Giblin

Dan Giblin
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Dan Giblin, Instructor of war and society, teaches courses on the World Wars, world military history, and world history.  His dissertation, “Digging for Victory: The Stalinist State’s Mobilization of Civilian Labor for the Battle of Kursk,” explores the methods the Soviet leadership employed to mobilize the local peasantry to construct a variety of military installations in preparation for the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle in human history and, arguably, the turning point of the war against Hitler.  This project tells the story of how the Kursk Communist Party leadership and three Soviet army groups coordinated myriad construction projects that were ultimately crucial to the Soviet victory. In so doing it sheds light on civil-military relations as well as the dynamic relationship between the state and citizenry in wartime.


PhD, History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

MA, History and Russian Studies, European University in St. Petersburg

MA, History, UMass Boston

BSBA, Marketing, Creighton University

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