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Teutsch's Recent Publication

Published on July 19, 2017

Teutsch's Recent Publication

We are eager to announce Matthew Teutsch’s recent publication in Studies in the Literary Imagination entitled "'They want us to be Creoles . . . There is no in-between': Creole Representations in Ernest J. Gaines's Catherine Carmier and Lyle Saxon's Children of Strangers."  Teutsch’s piece explores the ways that Gaines and Saxon depict the Creole community in Louisiana, paying close attention to the Isle Brevelle community along Cane River near Nachotiches. Edited by Lillie Anne Brown (Florida A&M), the entire issue where Teutsch's piece appears focuses on the works of Ernest J. Gaines. Matthew Teutsch is an Instructor in the Department of English. Congrats, Matt!

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