How to Join

Although housed in the College of Liberal Arts, Auburn’s Mock Trial Team is interdisciplinary and welcomes those from other colleges to tryout. To download the Mock Trial Competition Team application, click here.

Information Sessions

Auburn’s Mock Trial Team typically holds two information sessions at the beginning of each academic year. All students interested in Mock Trial should attend one of the information sessions to learn more about the program and sign up for an interview time.

Students interested in joining the Team are encouraged to enroll in POLI 5570: Issues in Public Law and Conflict Resolution: Mock Trial Competition during the Spring semester.


Interviews will be conducted by a panel comprised of Executive Board members. In the interviews, the panel will be looking for enthusiasm, confidence, and an understanding of the time commitment. Interviews will last up to 15 minutes. Dress is business professional.


After the interview, the next phase of the tryout process consists of an attorney role play. The judges expect prospective members to ask questions like an attorney. Solid questions tend to avoid asking the witness' opinion or asking the witness to speculate on matters about which he or she has no knowledge. Judges will also be looking at how well attorneys listen to the witness' answers and adapt their questions accordingly. While most prospective members probably want to script most questions prior to the tryout, a great tryout will likely require them to think on their feet by making up a few questions along the way. Of course, the best attorneys don't just have great questions—they make people want to listen, too. Judges will take note of how comfortable the attorneys are speaking in front of an audience and how professional their presentations are.

Last Updated: August 16, 2016