CLA Budget Committee

Guidelines for College of Liberal Arts Budget Committee

The purposes of the College of Liberal Arts Budget Committee (hereafter referred to as “Budget Committee”) are to provide the dean and administration of the College of Liberal Arts recommendations on the management of revenues and expenses in support of the college’s mission and to provide transparency to the budget process for faculty members, staff, and students of the college.

Charge and Scope of Budget Committee

The Budget Committee’s charge is to offer recommendations to the dean regarding the development of sound budgeting principles associated with the implementation of the resource centered model of budgeting at AU and to provide general budget recommendations to the dean regarding the distribution of resources among departments, programs, and administrative services within the college, focusing specifically on the use of resources in alignment with CLA and AU strategic plans. The committee has no oversight regarding the day-to-day budgetary decisions of the college or its units.


The Budget Committee is composed of eight elected tenured faculty members, and one at-large tenured faculty member, appointed by the dean. There will be one or more tenured faculty members elected from each of the following major disciplinary areas:

1 Fine Arts – Art and Art History, Music, and Theatre

1 Health Services and Administration – SASW and Communications Disorders

2 Social and Behavioral Sciences – Economics, Political Science, and Psychology

1 Humanities - Foreign Languages & Literatures and Philosophy

2 Humanities PhD - English and History

1 Communication – Communication & Public Relations, and Media Studies & Journalism (For purposes of representation, the School of Communication and Journalism is divided into two programs.)

The term of office is 2 years. No representative may serve more than 2 consecutive terms. No department may have more than one elected representative. Only tenured faculty members are eligible to be nominated and if elected, serve. When a faculty member is term limited or chooses not to continue on the committee, the next representative from that disciplinary area must come from a different program and/or department (except for Humanities PhD). The seat in Fine Arts, one seat in Social and Behavior Sciences, one seat in Humanities PhD, and the seat in Communication are elected on even years, while the other seats are elected on odd years. The chairs, heads and directors from each disciplinary area are charged with nominating faculty members to stand for election, and may not stand for election themselves. Faculty members eligible to vote for representatives are lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors. During the first two weeks of April, staff from the dean’s office will conduct the elections and count the ballots.

The dean appoints the at-large seat annually. This person may not serve more than four annual appointments over a six-year period. He/she will be a tenured associate or full professor and may not be an associate dean, chair, head, director or have a full-time administrative appointment in some other unit. Except in unusual circumstances, this faculty member will be a member of a department/school from which no other Budget Committee members have been elected.

The dean or dean’s designee will chair the budget committee. The dean will set the agenda in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of the committee. With the approval of the dean, committee members may add items to the agenda. The committee will operate by consensus opinion. However, any committee member may ask for a secret vote.

Ex-officio, non-voting members of the committee include the manager of accounting, the information technology manager, the president of CLA’s Student Council, a graduate student representative appointed by the associate dean for research, and the director of communications and marketing. The role of ex-officio members is to provide information when called upon.

The agenda for each meeting will be circulated to Budget Committee members and to CLA Leadership two days in advance; summaries and/or minutes of each meeting will be circulated to the same groups within a week of each meeting.

Approved by CLA leadership team on August 8, 2016


CLA Budget Committee Presentation

Last Updated: September 13, 2017