Department of Aviation

Department of Aviation


Since the Wright Brother's first flight in 1903, aviation has continued to transform the global landscape by connecting nations, economies, and cultures. Auburn University has been actively involved in aviation education for over 75 years and is centrally located and well connected to a hub of world-class aviation headquarters and organizations in the Southeast.

Our team takes a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to aviation education and research. A strong sense of community and passion is evident among our 4,000+ aviation alumni who are well known for their positive contributions in all fields of the aviation industry.

With an eye to the future in preparing aviation leaders that will shape the next century of flight, the aviation degree programs within the University College are now housed in the College of Liberal Arts. The move strengthens both degree programs by allowing students to spend more time on aviation-related coursework and flying, and consolidating aviation resources and management functions in the new Department of Aviation. The department will move into the new Delta Air Lines Aviation Education Building in Fall 2018.


Mission Statement

The Auburn Aviation team, through education, research, and outreach programs, will develop highly desired graduates and thought leaders who will serve as a positive force in aviation and the world.


Program Education Goals

 Our goal is to:

  1. Develop aviation professionals with exceptional knowledge, skills, and values. Graduates will be highly educated, technically proficient, safety-oriented, and business-minded.

  2. Develop aviation professionals that advance global aviation. Graduates will have a global perspective and embrace diverse cultures and ideas.  Graduates will recognize historical trends, current issues, and emerging opportunities.

  3. Develop aviation professionals that aspire to lead. Graduates will champion integrity, cultivate professional and personal growth opportunities, subscribe to a philosophy of lifelong learning, and lead by serving others.


Degree Programs

Auburn University offers Professional Flight and Aviation Management undergraduate degrees. The Professional Flight Degree offers a quality aviation education that provides a solid foundation of aeronautical knowledge and piloting skills expected by professional aviation organizations and necessary for success in the aviation industry.

The Aviation Management Degree focuses on the business knowledge needed for success in the airline and aviation industries, emphasizing general management and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of aviation operations.

Both the Professional Flight and Aviation Management degrees qualify for the attainment of FAA Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP) certification with as little as 1,000 hours of flying experience. Auburn University is partnered with a growing number of airlines that offer our undergraduates and graduates a clear career pathway to the airline industry.



Auburn's aviation programs are accredited by Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), the organization responsible for academic accreditation of aviation and aerospace educational programs. Click here for student achievement data.


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Last Updated: June 12, 2018